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These were the only words that were heard inside the small restaurant. Everyone around the two boys were silent, and snuck glances and whispers over. It even drew the attention of the cashier. "Shhhh!" The dark haired boy slammed his hand over the blonde's mouth. Wow..were his lips soft... Sasuke was pushed back into reality when the other spoke. "Ohhhh," he started in a hushed whisper. "I get it. You're not out of the closet yet," the boy pointed and smiled devilishly. Sasuke looked around them before continuing the conversation in his normal tone. "I am. It's just not everyone's business. Do you run around with a sign on your forehead screaming straight?"

Naruto pondered this for a second while taking a bite of his treat. "Well...most people assume that mostly everyone else is straight." The boy thought once more with another bite and Sasuke glared. He hated hearing things like that. You should never assume anymore, but you also shouldn't make it your business to know. He stood. "I'm leaving." A flash of confusion crossed Naruto's face, and then he realized he had upset the boy. "Wait Sasuke!" He grabbed his wrist and stopped him before he opened the door. "Whoever said I was straight?" said the blonde in a slightly quieter tone. The Uchiha turned his head and glared again.

"Fag." Both boys eyes locked on a guy, sitting with two others at a table beside the door. The two boys with him started snickering. Naruto walked the three feet over. "Excuse me?" The three looked up and smiled, then laughed. "Hey there pretty boy. Your little faggot boyfriend is waiting for you," he pointed toward the door. Naruto looked toward Sasuke, making sure he wasn't leaving. He then looked back down at the one making comments, pulled him up by his collar and slammed him against the window behind him. Now all eyes were on them. "You three are what, in your twenties? You're in college and yet you act as immature as a bunch of middle school kids. People like you disgust me. If our life style doesn't suit the likes of you, you can easily ignore it." The  guy scoffed. "Yeah right. Because that's normal." Naruto clenched his teeth and gripped his collar tighter, making the kid cough. "You wouldn't know normal if it hit you in the face."
Before the stranger could respond with a smart remark, Naruto was being pushed aside, and a fist made contact with the man's jaw, leaving him in pain on the floor. "Come on," Sasuke said, pulling Naruto out the door.

Naruto looked at the raven shocked. "That was totally awesome! I can't believe you did that!" Sasuke stopped in his tracks in front of Naruto. "I don't need you defending me. And I don't need you making up stupid lies to make me feel better." Sasuke turned and started walking off down the street. Naruto stood there, confused. He wasn't sure what had just happened. "Oi! Sasuke!" He ran and caught up with the taller boy. "I didn't make up what I said. I'm bi."

The walk back to the dorm room had been the same as before, Naruto talking about pointless topics and Sasuke listening. Putting in a "hn" when needed. The raven dug in his pocket for his copy of the room key and opened the door. "So Sasuke, what made you know you were gay?" The question had almost come out of nowhere. He was taken aback, but without notice of the blonde, regained composure and walked in the room while answering. "I always have known."

Naruto took out a shirt from his dressed and removed the one he was wearing. "Huh? So there's no back story? No wonderful prince charming that came along and made you fall in love with him, ultimately revealing your true self? Sasgay?" he grinned. I rolled my eyes and took off my own shirt. "No." Naruto looked let down. "What made you realize you're supposedly bisexual?" The blonde turned around after changing his boxers. "I'm not supposedly, I am." The raven rolled his eyes. "Continue." "Well, everyone knows I used to have a crush on Sakura-chan at school right?" Sasuke nodded. "Okay, well I guess it started a few years ago, I started noticing this boy. He was always in my classes but he didn't talk a lot. I was sort of jealous of him I guess. But I noticed the jealousy wasn't like normal jealousy. It was almost like a rivalry, in my mind at least. I never talked to him in school, but in my head I would always compete. It was with this competing that I realized I tried to be better than him so I could get his attention, and I realized I had feelings for him." Sasuke looked at him curiously. He never knew Naruto could be almost deep. He crawled in his bed under the covers and stared at the ceiling. "Who is this guy?" he asked the blonde.

After a moment of no response he looked over and noticed the blonde asleep, then he himself turned over. What am I doing? Why do I even care? I can't let someone in my life again. Even the smallest bit. I shouldn't be making conversation with him. I don't need friends. If we become friends, I'll only get hurt again. Friends always leave...
Chapter three (: Enjoy :D
DarkLullabyness Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2012
<3 I'm enjoying this story so so much :o!!! I want to read more of this so bad xD
Please update it soon. ^^ You're a really good writer. c:

FluffyMerMer Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Haha thank you so much! :D I will definitely try to update as soon as possible (: Maybe this Monday or Tuesday definitely I will try, but I shall not keep you waiting that long! Thank you again c:
DarkLullabyness Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2012
yay!! cx and you're welcome <3
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